LED Headlamp Lights Your Way!
Great for Runners, Hunters, Camping, Bicycling, Home Repairs, even Kids!
IHeadLight Features:
3 light modes plus 2 modes of red strobe feature: high, medium, low and 2 red SOS(strobe) settings
Brightness from 22 up to 95 lumens, light beams could reach 15 meters and up to 60 meters (maximum).
Flexible-completely adjustable headband, runs for 10 hours on maximum setting
Water resistant construction and up to 45-degree tilt feature. Backed by 3-Yr Guarantee
See Everything Better Than a Flashlight!
You've been there before: Caught in a dark area where you need a flashlight, but you ALSO need BOTH HANDS! Here's the solution: Let your HEAD do the work!

This single-bulb LED headlamp is super BRIGHT! Has multiple brightness settings, comfortable headset fit, and it's made of high-quality durable plastic.

Lights up your path if you're a RUNNER or DOG WALKER... on a BICYCLE... out HUNTING or CAMPING... or working around the HOUSE doing REPAIRS in dark areas. You NEED BOTH HANDS to work or play, so let this LED headlamp light your way!

Sometimes your SURVIVAL depends on LIGHT! Power outages are now the norm, especially during natural disasters. Keep one of these handy, and you'll be able to SEE EVERYTHING while keeping your hands free for more important tasks!

Mechanics and Repairmen LOVE this headlamp. You won't need a second person to hold a flashlight for you!

With this CREE LED headlamp, you can FORGET flashlights! Wear this comfortable, bright, adjustable HEADLAMP!

Makes a great gift for all occasions - but especially Dads & Grads! Comes with a 3-YR Money-Back GUARANTEE, too!

See your best, no matter what happens!
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