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New High Performance Headlamp Has Been Released By IHeadLight

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 20, 2015 ) Fallon, NV — The newest CREE LED handsfree flashlight or headlamp headlight has been finally introduced by iHeadLight. This product has been designed for many purposes such as camping, hiking running or working in a shop. This brand makes remarkable benefits that are essential to people who are looking for maximum headlight performance wherever they go, whatever they do.

Unlike an ordinary flashlight or other headlights sold in the market, this CREE LED headllamp headlight comes in various benefits and special features making it an exceptional product. It goes beyond the expectations of the people when it comes to a typical headlight they know. iHeadLight is one of the popular names when it comes to offering high quality products. This time, it made another achievement in introducing great headlamp that can be used for different purposes. This is a must-have item for home owners, hunters, campers, runners, etc.

For only $14.50, people can already avail it. It is known for its incredible features such as brightness from 22 to 95 lumens, three light modes and two modes of red strobe (featuring low, medium and high, and two red SOS (strobe) settings), water resistant, powered by three AAA alkaline batteries, and low battery light indicator. This LED headlight also features easy access to battery and light beams that reach up a distance of 15 meters up to maximum distance of 60 meters. Another amazing feature about it is that it can be tilted up to 45 degrees and it has been backed by a three-year guarantee.

People today have been seeking for extra convenience and ease of access to the things they do. Fortunately, there is CREE LED Handsfree flashlight or headlamp headlight. This is the product needed by most types of people from all walks of life. It has been primarily designed for camping, hiking, running, working, and home repairs.

The company behind this amazing brand is Reslynn Enterprises which is situated in Fallon, Nevada. For the past years, it has been consistent in delivering high quality products and stuff that are beneficial to people’s daily needs and uses at home, outdoors, or at work.

About Reslynn Enterprises

Reslynn Enterprises provides some of the coolest gadgets like led headlamp, LED flashlights, vibration speakers and pet care products.


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Reslynn Enterprises
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Tel: (775) 235-8234
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What to Pack in Your Car’s Emergency Kit


How to prep yourself for that worst-case scenario.

By Julia Eddington
Americans spend an average of 20 hours in their cars and drive more than 200 miles each week. That’s an awfully lot of time and distance on the road. Maybe you have AAA or a newer model; maybe you always service your car on time and don’t take a lot of risks while driving—all good things, but each year, there’s still a one in three chance you’ll have a breakdown or other car issue (flat tire, dead battery, etc.) that’ll hold you up.

There is a one in three chance you’ll have a breakdown or other car issue each year.

You know you should have an emergency kit in your trunk, but if you’re anything like us, all you have is the spare and an old, leaking bottle of engine oil. But we can do better! Quoted compiled the must-haves and the it-would-be-nice-to-haves for your car’s emergency kit. We think spring is a good time to get your car in order, so break out the shopping list, clear a spot in your trunk, and take a page from the Boy Scouts.

The Essentials:

The average driver probably doesn’t need an expensive fifty-piece emergency kit like many on the market—and most don’t even include everything you’d want anyway—but there are a handful of items you’ll want to have no matter what kind of car you drive or where you live:

  • Jumper cables: go for thicker, which means a smaller gauge (8 is decent, 6 or 4 are even better, and skip 10 or higher all together) and longer (at least ten feet) for ease in case of an emergency
  • Spare tire: replace every ten years and check the tire pressure each season
  • Car Jack: your car should come with one, but double check to be sure
  • Flares or reflector triangles: in the event of a breakdown these could prevent a serious collision
  • Warm blanket: for cold-weather breakdowns, spare tire changing, and padding while looking under the car
  • A bag of sand, road salt, or even cat litter: for extra traction in case of a sudden icing (cat litter is the lightest and therefore often preferred)
  • A jug of clean drinking water: we recommend at least a few gallons, and since it’ll be sitting in your car, exposed to heat and cold, consider a glass jug and replace the water every few months
  • Flashlight with extra batteries (regular, headlamp style or crank-powered)led headlamp flashlight
  • Cell phone charger with lighter adaptor
  • First aid kit: just a simple one with bandages, gauze, and rubbing alcohol will do
  • Foam tire sealant for minor damage
  • Swiss Army knife, or equivalent
If you have some extra space:
  • Small bottles of engine oil, washer fluid, and antifreeze to refill away from home
  • Change of clothes: think old jeans and a sweatshirt, not little black dress and ties
  • Battery powered radio (or a wind-up)
  • A rope or chain for towing
  • Non-perishable food: energy bars are a good choice

How to pack:

We think a (not too large) plastic storage bin works best to keep everything in tip-top shape (and mostly out of your way). You can wrap the glass jug of water with the blanket, keep all bottles upright instead of rolling around and leaking, and still have space in the rest of the trunk for your leisure activity accoutrements (you know, spray paint, LARP costumes, lupine seeds).

We hope you never need to use your emergency kit, but if you do, at least you’ll actually have what you need, rather than rummaging through old shoes and Salvation Army donation drop-offs you still need to make, hoping to magically come upon jumper cables or a flashlight.

LED Lighting With a Twist

Take a look at this LED lamp.  Looks ordinary? What do you think is powering this LED lamp, is it battery, solar or even hand-cranked?  The answer, none of the above.  It’s powered by salt water and enough to power it up to 8 hours. This technology is not really new but re-introduced by SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting).  It’s still under further development for mass distribution to under developed area.

LED Lamp










USB charger using salt water

Yes, this salt water lamp is also USB capable :)



CREE LED Headlamp Changes The Way People Travel In The Dark

The release of the Cree LED Headlamp will change the way people perform numerous activities after dark. Just about anyone can benefit from owning one of these headlamps.

Illuminating An Athlete’s Path

Many people choose to go jogging either very early in the morning or after dark. Doing so can sometimes be dangerous as visibility is not ideal at these times. However, purchasing a Cree LED Headlamp can eliminate this problem by not only lighting a jogger’s path but making them more visible to drivers.

Brightens A Mechanics Night or Day

Working in a dark garage or a basement with low light can be frustrating and difficult. It can slow down any mechanic and make repair and restoration jobs take longer. This headlamp is the ideal solution to brighten any mechanics work day or night. With an %PR_LINK2% mechanics and car enthusiasts can have the light that they need without the inconvenience of having to hold a flashlight. As one happy customer, Nancy, said, “My husband uses it for his hobby, barbecuing, storing things in the dark all hands free. He loves his new toy.”

The Launch of Makes Purchasing A Headlamp Easy

As is launched by Reslynn Enterprises consumers have an easy way to purchase this headlamp. They can also receive support as well as information on the LED technology used in a headlight.

Customers can also purchase the Cree LED Headlamp by Reslynn Enterprises on Amazon. Many satisfied customers have already spoken out about how much they love this product. As Jhanco1, another satisfied customer said, “My husband purchased this for himself. He absolutely loves it…he is thinking of getting a couple more to leave in places that he normally works. He would definitely purchase this item again.”